Does it seem dark in your kitchen? 

It’s no fun cooking under outdated lighting. The kitchens shown here originally had fluorescent light boxes, which we replaced with LED lighting, which helps keep your kitchen cool and lowers your utility bills.

Remodeling can be messy. We keep dust and construction debris contained and work with you to minimize the impact of your job on your family and your pets. After your new LED lights are installed and the job is completed, we clean up carefully.


A combination of different types of LED lighting and dimmers makes it easy to adjust the brightness and mood in the kitchen shown here. Recessed LED lights illuminate work areas, and under-cabinet LED lighting provides an even wash of light. Hidden LED fixtures tucked behind the molding make the ceiling appear to float above the cabinets and increase the feeling of space. LED lighting also provides an excellent solution for lighting in a climate-controlled wine closet adjacent to the kitchen. 

"I would defy anyone to see where the patch, texture, and paint was done. It was seamless." — John D., Roseville

“Robert Hudson Electric updated our kitchen lighting. It looks great! They not only matched our unique ceiling texture, but also perfectly blended the new paint with the existing color. The result is true artistry.” — Louanne & Michael W., Citrus Heights

“We had several people come out to give quotes on taking out the ugly light box in our kitchen ceiling and replacing it with recessed "can" lighting. Robert Hudson blew them all out of the water. They really take pride in their work and their reputation. You will NOT be sorry if you hire these guys.” - Diane G. Citrus Heights, CA

“Three rooms and new LED lighting installed in less than two days! PAINLESS. Robert Hudson Electric are master electricians.” - Ellen W., Carmichael

“All of Robert Hudson Electric's work was flawless. I am so pleased with the workmanship and the professionalism, I am excited to work with them on another project again soon.” — Michael S., Sacramento

“Robert Hudson was always on time, knowledgeable, courteous and detail oriented. Our kitchen looks great now, and we could not be happier.” - Joe H., Carmichael

“Robert Hudson Electric were prompt, very professional and attentive to our concerns. They completed the job right on time. We highly recommend them.” - Marianne D., Folsom

"We got several quotes on taking out the ugly light box in our kitchen ceiling and replacing it with recessed can lighting. Robert Hudson Electric blew them all out of the water quality-wise. These guys are professionals, top to bottom. They really take pride in their work and their reputation. Our kitchen looks great! " — Diane G., Citrus Heights